The Skepper family have been involved with looking after horses for three direct family generations and the care of the horses has always been of the utmost importance.

"We strive to keep horses in a relaxed and natural environment to encourage them to grow into mature strong horses and keep healthy throughout their life."

We have three main yards each with their own grazing facilities and clearly separated from each other by at least a mile.

Valley Farm Yard & AI Unit-
We have Two large Stallion paddocks and associated stabling. Further stabling and three huge recently converted barns for housing horses through the winter. These are incredibly successful for wintering. Each barn has access to paddocks during the day. We have recently input a new yard of 5 stables for visiting horses.
This is the yard where the AI and Stallion collection unit has been developed. Onsite live Jane & Piers Marson. Visit the dedicate website www.hcstudstallionservices.co.uk

Main Yard -
Here we have full facilities for training and looking after horses that are convalescing. Our facilities include :-

· Horse walker
· Outdoor all weather school (40m x 20m)
· Indoor lungeing school/horses wintering barn
· Two Stallion Paddocks
· Two tack rooms
· Grooming parlour
· Feed shed
· 8 normal sized stables
· 3 extra sized stables for quarantine/new arrivals

Marsh Yard -
This is a lovely old yard which was converted in the late 70s. One side consists of three huge stables that are designed for mares and foals and the other side as 6 loddon style boxes. This yard is wonderful for youngstock as it is quiet and ideal for weaning foals due to the shape and style of the boxes. From this yard there is direct access to fields of over 60 acres in size.

House Stables -
We have two further stabling units at the main house at the Stud. These consist of six stables that turn into two foaling boxes with a double box next door. Both units have a small paddock for newborns which opens onto a bigger paddock near the house. These boxes are kept for the mares foaling down.

Farriery Work - We have a Two Farriers who are excellent with youngstock and remedial farriery who visit the stud every two weeks. One of our Farriers now lives on site.

Worming -
We operate a very strict worming policy and all the paddocks are cross grazed with sheep. Due to the huge acreage we have we are able to rest paddocks properly. We carry out regular worm count checks at our own Stud laboratory.

The Stud has one access to each of the areas: Valley Farm and Ferry Farm where the main stud (at Heritage Coast Stud) is located. This provides us with excellent security and we have family members living on both sites.

Veterinary Work -
All our veterinary work is carried out by Paton & Lee who are an equine only practice.

Staffing -
We have full time staff in the family and one full time Head Groom and various part time staff as required.

Rates -
We take in both short and long term liveries. See below.

Rates - Our rates vary according to the individual requirements but the basic rates are:
Full Livery
Stabled, fed and exercised/schooled/breaking 5 days a week - £150/week
Stallion Livery
Stabled, fed and at grass during the day in double fenced paddock - £120/week
Full Livery
Stabled, fed and at grass during the day - £85/week
Barren Mares to Stud
Stabled, fed and at grass during the day - £85/week
Summer Barren Mares to Stud & Short Term Grass Livery
At grass and checked daily - £55/week
Mares to Stud with foal at foot
Stabled, fed and at grass during the day - £120/week
Mares in Foal
Stabled, fed and at grass during the day - £85/week
Mare to foal down (foaling fee)
Monitored via camera, foaling alarm & intercom - £200
Foals from weaned
Stabled, fed and at grass during the day - £75/week
Long term Summer Grass Livery
Out at grass and checked at daily - £45/week
Over wintering Grass Livery
Includes barned/shelter at night with adlib hay and out during the day - £65/week



Specialised Facilities -
We offer specialised facilities to cater for horse that require livery for convalescing from injury or illness. With our excellent facilities, space and experience we can offer the ideal situation for your convalescing horse.

We can provide full grass livery for horses requiring recovery time at grass and we can provide controlled exercise for horses requiring such management.

We have in the past managed horses recovering from tendon injuries, ligament injuries, chipped bones and muscle strains.

Further facilities that we have available: we have infa red treatment, hot/cold therapy systems, magnetic treatments,horse walker for controlled exercise, outdoor all weather school for controlled exercise.

Our fees for horses requiring special treatment will be provided per request.

If you have a special request and would like to talk to someone